Meet The Team

Claus Joens

is President of both DSH Technologies, LLC and Elnik Systems, LLC. Born in Germany, Joens received his BSBA from the University of Minnesota. He began Elnik Systems in 1969, manufacturing temperature controllers, recorders and programmers.  Instruments used in the furnace and extrusion industries.

In 1982, Elnik began to focus its efforts on the manufacture of complete vacuum furnace systems. Between 1982 and 1985, thirty furnaces were built for the Raytheon Company in Waltham, MA.

In 1992, a ‘one-step' debind and sinter partial pressure furnace was developed to meet the needs of the MIM market. The MIM 3000 provided a cost-effective alternative to the two-furnace technology then being used.

In 1994, Elnik began manufacturing furnaces for the MIM industry. These furnaces substantially reduced processing time by combining, second stage debinding and sintering in one furnace. To date, Joens has over 30 years of experience manufacturing vacuum and MIM furnaces, and over 15 years providing consultation services in the MIM industry. He has been personally involved in the placement of approximately 700 furnaces, of which nearly 300 are MIM furnaces located throughout the world.