About Us

DSH Technologies, is a Women-Owned company founded in the year 1999 to provide extensive consulting, toll debind/sinter, R&D, Product Development and prototyping to the powder metallurgy industry.

Since Claus Joens’ entry into the MIM Furnace market, in 1994, the need for assistance and help continued to grow.  For this reason he founded DSH Technologies.

Under the direction of Bryan C. Sherman, and the equipment supplied by Elnik Systems, LLC, the operations at DSH offer the most technologically advanced and innovative industrial research facilities available for those wishing to enter the MIM industry.

DSH provides debinding, sintering, heat treatment and R&D services, utilizing the Elnik 1st stage debinding and "One-Step" 2nd stage debinding and sintering industrial furnaces. This equipment allows wide flexibility in debinding and sintering profiles to best support customers' criteria and to take advantage of the wealth of materials available to the MIM process.

In addition, DSH offers consulting services on all aspects of the MIM process for those entering the industry. At DSH, a favorable solution consists of perfecting actual prototype parts the customer can use. We believe in validating the process to ensure it fits your needs before you invest in capital equipment for MIM production. That's why DSH's affiliate, Elnik Systems, offers free trial runs in their equipment for DSH customers interested in MIM- we believe that the process speaks for itself.

Working together, Elnik Systems and DSH Technologies can provide complete solutions for your processing needs.