New To MIM?

No Other MIM Furnace Manufacturer can offer the Know-How of DSH Technologies.  Our Affiliate company, Elnik Systems, LLC, is the only company in its category with their own separate MIM laboratory with Full Sized Production Equipment.

DSH TEchnologies, provides comprehensive metallurgical assistance and turnkey production services to both current clients and new prospective parts producers.  In short, partnering with DSH will help you avoid countless pitfalls that can unexpectedly arise in a MIM parts manufacturing process.

Are you investigating MIM as a new or additional production process?

We would enjoy helping to answer any questions you may have:


DSH Optimization

Do you have trouble with a specific material you are processing?  
Are you not achieving the end part properties that you expect?
Do your process runs take longer then they should?

DSH Technologies can help provide optimization services to make sure you reach the goals and end results with the parts you wish to make. Whether it is reviewing profile parameters, analyzing part design characteristics, assisting with part setter design, etc… DSH is here to provide assistance to those in need.  Experienced personnel at DSH can help reduce learning curves and provide educated solutions.